Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Denver, CO- Seattle, WA- Reno, NV

Wow!! I haven't blogged since end of July!!
A lot of has happened since then:)I have been touring the last 4 months with Simon Malls as a Tour Manager! We have traveled to 30 cities starting in Miami through NY through the mid west and now to the west coast!

Meredith my partner in crime:) we have enjoyed the last few weeks the best!

Denver, CO- we went to the Rocky Mountains and saw ELK drove through the mountains and well a dog even jumped in our car!:)

Seattle, WA- we went to Pikes Place and I dressed up as Pocahottie for Halloween:)

Reno, NV- we had a blast with two days off! We drove to South Lake Tahoe one day enjoyed the shopping and all the beautiful mountains and lake:) The picture I posted is YES me standing at the EDGE of Emerald Bay!! But it was just beautiful!! We also enjoyed a day in Reno at the SPA at the ATLANTIS & wow it was more amazing than in Spa in Vegas!! hard to believe right?

oh yes and since I blogged last I got married to the love of my life Gabriel Scott Barnhill :)

I will blog next stop:)


Saturday, July 31, 2010


I havent blogged in a long time! Thought I would share my time in Miami, FL short but sweet! Got to go shopping in South Beach! Went to Dash ...they need some help to get more product in their store! In Tampa had a crazy time driving home one night! a spider was in the car and went
crazy...pulled off the interstate and got out of the car!!! lol

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Myrtle Beach/ Pocono/Daytona

Its been so long since I have blogged! wow!!

So I must update this! I have been traveling non stop from Pocono for the NASCAR race to Iowa for the Indy Corn 250 race and now headed to Daytona this weekend for the race!

In the mean time I flew to Orlando to work as well and celebrated Gabriel's 26th birthday!

It was the 6th birthday I have gotten to share with him:) I surprised him with a 64G Ipad:)

He was so excited! Yes a tear or two came out! I also had an amazing Clemson cake made for him...and might I add it tasted better than it looked! lol

Oh yea... 101 days till the wedding! wow! I have got to get a move on it!

Picking up my dress on Tuesday in Charleston,SC.. doing some cake tasting and food tastings with mom, dad & Gabriel! Good week ahead!!

I am super excited about Daytona and spending the 4th back in Myrtle with my family:)

oh yea still preparing for MSC 2011 !!!:)



Tuesday, May 25, 2010


ARuBA~~~!!! Gabriel's first time out of the country and my second time out of the country!

What an AMAZING vacation! We had a blast! 7 night and 8 days! We stayed at the Westin which was awesome! We spent many days by the pool soaking up the rays!:) Not to mention Gabriel got what looked like 3rd degree burns ...but vinegar fixed the problem:)

We spent one day renting a 4X4 jeep and exploring the island! Dirt roads and all..pretty fun:) We went to the De Palm island where we went snorkeling and banana boating! Not to mention we took a day and had our engagement photo shoot!

I cant wait to see where we go for our honeymoon :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


What an awesome weekend:) Started out at Southside Speedway with the Denny Hamlin Race:)
Matt got to race with the big dogs! Joey logano, Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart etc.! He was racing 8th until a huge wreck happened and he had no where to go! Be sure to check out his website

Richmond, VA was a beautiful weekend! It was short! Just Friday and Saturday working!
Hope you enjoy my picture with Mark Martin in the Go Daddy suit! Working on my Miss Sprint Cup suit for next year! :) Next Stop Darlington, SC

Friday, April 23, 2010

Knoxville, TN

Hey!! I am in town for the FLW Tourney for Chevrolet!:) I don't have a car so I am learning to live on canned chicken, apple sauce and some apples!:) lol Eating out on the road is not good for you! Anyhow I flew in yesterday on I think a private jet it was so small! ha The adventure of traveling! I had the day off so I have been doing a lot of wedding planning...designing invitations and what not! I cant wait for 10-10-10 :) Aruba on May 9th and 170 days till I am Mrs. Barnhill !! haha Love it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dallas, TX

Just got back from a rainy weekend in Dallas, TX! Wish it would have been sunny! :) Oh well! I had a great time at the track and of course with my Chevy Girls:) We ate some great Mexican food the first night in town! Worked mainly long and rainy days that I was too tired to go out after work! Headed to Knoxville this weekend and then to Richmond and darlington!
oh yes Matt may be racing in some upcoming Nationwide races! woo hoo...